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The mission of 新蒲萄京网站 图书馆 is to empower our diverse, global community of students, faculty, staff and alumni to fulfill their research, learning and information needs, now and in the future.

The 爱默生图书馆, side exterior
Webster Students Exploring the 爱默生图书馆
The 爱默生图书馆, main entrance
Webster students in the 图书馆's Cyber Café
Webster Students Exploring the 爱默生图书馆
The 爱默生图书馆, front exterior
Webster Students Exploring the 爱默生图书馆
The 爱默生图书馆, interior

Committed to 你的 Success

新蒲萄京网站's 爱默生图书馆 opened in 2003, and serves as a hub for students, faculty and the Webster community. At the 图书馆, you can access our collections, including archives and special collections, use state-of-the-art computer facilities, or find a comfortable place to study or collaborate. 我们的 图书馆网站 offers a wealth of online resources, available to students and faculty wherever they 位于.


St. 路易斯,密苏里州63119

Key 图书馆 Resources and Services

  • 找到 a specific article, book, e-book, video or recording.
  • 搜索 articles, databases, journals, magazines, the 图书馆 catalog and other databases.
  • 研究指南 created by our librarians specific to academic programs offered by the University.
  • 更多的资源, including new titles, the Webster Archives, MOBIUS catalog, e储备 and In-图书馆 储备.
  • 访问 computer labs, state-of-the-art facilities, and quiet and collaborative workspaces.
  • 帮助和常见问题 receive personalized attention from our staff librarians, who also offer support for your research goals and objectives.

To fully access 新蒲萄京网站 图书馆 services, visit 图书馆.新萄京正规网站.edu.


新蒲萄京网站 Press

新蒲萄京网站 Press

新蒲萄京网站 Press

新蒲萄京网站 Press welcomes works or proposals that may fit our publishing program. We serve as a vehicle to disseminate scholarly, educational and creative endeavors that support the University's academic mission.

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你的 捐赠 helps keep 新蒲萄京网站 图书馆 current so it remains an important resource for all 新蒲萄京网站 students.