The mission of the 隐私管理计划 is to protect both personal and sensitive information promoting transparency for prospective students, current students, faculty, adjunct faculty, alumni, employees and all other constituents of 新蒲萄京网站.

We work diligently to preserve individuals' privacy. 我们努力成为有价值的合作伙伴 and adviser to the entire University community, to protect the integrity of data collected, created, transmitted, released, stored and otherwise processed by 新蒲萄京网站.

We view privacy compliance as a responsibility of all constituents of the University community and work toward implementing the appropriate systems and structures to provide all employees and business units support, advice and guidance to assure that ethical and regulatory requirements are identified and met.

We adhere to the regulatory requirements governing our organization and we work to ensure privacy compliance with all sovereign, federal and state agencies as well as with all accrediting agencies/regulators. We strive to meet or exceed industry standards 最佳实践.


For questions or for further information, please contact:


Director Global 技术, Risk, Compliance and Privacy
+43 1 269 9293 4334


Global GRC and Privacy Operations Manager
+30 211 990 5302


“In our interconnected world, ensuring individuals’ data is safe and secure is crucial 对选民的信心. The 私隐办公室 delivers the critical safeguards to support Webster’s teaching and learning around the globe.”

瑞安V. 古费

Director General for Global Campuses


Watch 新蒲萄京网站's video teaser and discover more about the principles of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that pertain to 研究人员的隐私.



[Text appears from random data numbers and glitches.]

Text on screen: All of us deal with names and numbers every day.

Text on screen: Data is our lifeblood. 

[Text is on screen next to a clipart image of a receipt coming out of a phone labeled DATA. The image changes into another clipart of cogs and locks.]

Text on screen: And as researchers and academics, protecting our data is paramount.

[The image is replaced by an animated European Union flag.]

Text on screen: Most will be aware a couple of years ago — the European Union introduced new rules for handling people’s data.

[Another clipart lock replaces the flag. The lock is golden and titled GDPR.]

Text on screen: It’s called the General Data Protection Regulations, or GDPR for short.

[The screen changes and shows an outline of Europe. The lock populates in random places 在地图的轮廓上.]

Text on screen: The idea is to standardize data protection law across the whole of 欧盟和其他一些国家.



Watch an informational video on how to improve your personal security and keep your 数据安全!


[Music begins and flourishes throughout the entire video.]

[The 新蒲萄京网站 logo animates on screen before changing to footage of students 进进出出.]

Text on screen: Closing doors can improve campus security.

[A student uses a desktop computer and leaves before logging out of the computer. Another student enters and logs out for them.]

Text on screen: Keep your digital 数据安全.

[A student is studying with their information publicly showing in an open notebook 在离开之前. 第二个学生关上了门.

Text on screen: Don’t leave sensitive information public.

Text on screen: Your personal security matters. 我们关心您的隐私!


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