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利用你的军事专业知识和高级学位的经验. Move up the military ranks or transition successfully into a civilian role with Webster University ——证明了40多年来无与伦比的军事教育. And we’ve been consistently recognized as a military-friendly institution that helps veterans and active-duty 服役人员追求、支付并完成他们的学位.

With online and military base or nearby in-person options, you can balance school 工作,军事和生活的承诺-即使部署. Military credits also transfer easily.


Male student in military fatigues working on a laptop for an online class with an American flag behind him on the wall.
Female student with headphones working in front of two large monitors with a map and data.
One male student, one female, both in fatigues, 在讨论笔记本电脑上的信息时,男学生指着屏幕.


Webster University offers several in-person programs in the education building at 自由堡,这样你就可以在当地上课了.


Or our Webster University Online degrees can be completed no matter where you are! Find a program that will help you achieve your educational goals and take you to the 你职业生涯的下一个阶段——无论是参军还是退役. Choose from one of our most popular offerings online, where you will receive the same prestigious 文凭和获得相同的前沿知识,在我们的个人课程.



Top Webster University Online Program — 工商管理硕士(MBA) 

Webster's MBA will advance your business skills and help you develop and implement 为当今全球经济创造价值的想法和解决方案. The innovative program will upgrade your credentials, and place you on the road to success as a strategic player in the world of business, preparing you for a career that enhances your expertise and experience.




Text on screen: WEBSTER UNIVERSITY PROGRAM SPOTLIGHT: Master of Business Administration (MBA)



Steve Hinson

The whole curriculum is about value creation, even beginning from the very first course, which is titled Value Creation.

Text on screen: VALUE CREATION



你上的市场营销课,都是关于为客户创造价值的. In finance, we're talking about how we create value for shareholders, how we measure value. In the capstone, we're looking at how we measure value more broadly, how is it affecting 工人,环境,当然,它是如何影响底线的?

[Another montage, but with unique stock photos intertwined with pieces of Steve Hinson’s interview.]

For a classic MBA program, what you – what you typically find, the courses were very siloed. 金融课程和你的市场营销课程或者 work behavior class. 然后就由学生自己决定了 MBA program to try to integrate this knowledge and figure out how all these pieces fit together.

Having this thematic approach to the program makes the program a lot more coherent.

Text on screen: One global MBA program, MULTIPLE MODALITIES

[Images depicting logging into Webster’s Connections or scrolling Webster’s website 在不同的平台上,比如笔记本电脑或智能手机上.]

We've actually developed all of the course content upfront, so every student is interacting 和新蒲萄京网站,不管是什么形式.

[A third montage of students studying in different locations mixed with more sections of Steve Hinson’s interview shot.]

我们现在提供三种形式的MBA课程. We offer the traditional on ground.

Text on screen: 1. In Person

我们通过Zoom提供课程,我们称之为WebNet+. 然后我们提供完全在线的课程, 哪些是完全异步的类.

Text on screen: 3. Fully Online

[Another montage of students learning, studying or talking and professors teaching 还有史蒂夫·欣森的采访.]

Regardless of the modality you choose at Webster University, everyone shares the same course content. We've got this really robust platform. We designed it very carefully with the instructional designers. It's very accessible. Go online, you learn it, engage 有了它,然后来上课,我们来讨论一下.

Text on screen: A diverse network of PRACTITIONER FACULTY

实际上,这门课的内容就是三个c. We are coming for clarification, for context and for collaboration.

Text on screen: clarification, context, collaboration

Our faculty add context, helping students understand the applicability of the knowledge. 这位教师是学科方面的专家. 我们会讲得通的,但希望 we can get passed that pretty quickly because the real value to you is that we provide the context:

How does this apply to my job? 这如何适用于我正在阅读的内容呢? How does this 申请我所知道的公司和我作为消费者或雇员的经历? Really 了解这在现实世界中是如何应用的,以便它如何适用于你.

Text on screen: An innovative approach to BUSINESS EDUCATION


What a business does is it takes existing resources and combines them to create something of greater value. 我们为客户创造价值,为业主创造价值 我们正在为所有其他相关利益相关者创造价值.

一切都指向那个唯一的目的. If you're interested in getting an MBA, you're trying to figure out how can I gain a lot of experience and 很多知识很快,这样我可以加快我的职业生涯轨迹.

All the courses are really focused on how does business and the activities of business all coordinate with each other synergistically to create value for all of these relevant stakeholders so that no matter where you are in the organization, we want you to be able to see: Okay, how do I fit in? Why do I exist? What it is that I'm trying to accomplish? 我们要共同完成什么?

[Music swells as the montage ends. 背景变化为蓝色与几张照片 在新蒲萄京网站的建筑上,上面有一层ACBSP的标志.]






我们的全球网络为您提供优质、便捷的学习机会. And the convenience of online provides even greater opportunity to leverage your knowledge 获得创新商业、领导或技术相关学位.

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Webster and the U.S. 和国防部合作了40多年 to provide high-quality, cost-effective programs at military installations and locations around the world.



With five terms in an academic year, students can tailor education to their life. Courses are offered in semester or 8- or 9-week periods, and can consist of multiple 我们有各种各样的面对面、混合和在线选择. Webster also 提供各种学位、证书和非学位课程.


For more than 40 years, Webster has been building a network of campuses, currently serving over 13,000 students at various metro, military and international locations. Students can start their degree at one location and finish at another site or through Webster University Online, or seamlessly work on a degree while studying abroad.

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