Nondiscriminatory Policy

At Webster University, we take pride in our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

We are committed to non-discrimination and equal opportunity in the treatment of students, faculty and staff. The University considers employment, admissions, financial aid, programs, and activity applications without regard to race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, color, creed, age, ethnicity or national origin, religion, genetic information, or disability. Inquiries or complaints related to any of these areas should be addressed to the appropriate individuals identified below.

Matters involving allegations of sex- or gender-based discrimination, harassment or other conduct prohibited by Webster University’s 第九条 Policy on Sex Discrimination, Including Sexual Harassment involving employees, students and/or applicants for employment or student admission should be directed to:

Kimberley Bynum-Smith
Director, Office for Civil Rights Compliance and 第九条 Coordinator
200 Hazel, Office #5
St. Louis, MO 63119

Matters concerning all other forms of alleged discrimination involving employees and applicants for employment should be directed to:

Cheryl Fritz
Chief Human Resources Officer
Webster University
470 E. Lockwood Ave.
St, Louis, MO 63119