We strive to create a community that provides a student-centered learning environment that supports our expectation of academic achievement and personal development.

重要的 房屋申请日期


住房合同: 优先期限是 4月1日 这样才有可能得到你想要的任务. 申请仍可接受 after that deadline, and staff 他们会尽最大的努力来满足人们的偏好吗.

房屋设施: Submit your housing accommodation requests, such as a medical need for a single or 情感支持动物, 尽可能早. After 的 first round of 住房 Assignments go out in June, space accommodations 不能保证. 更多有关房屋及住宿的资料.

住房分配: 住房 assignments will start to be announced on student’s 房地产门户网站 的 middle ,并通过电子邮件发送到学生的新萄京正规网站邮箱. 新任务的更新 或者每两周换一次,直到搬进来.

住房合同: Priority deadline for submitting your 住房 Contract on 的 房地产门户网站 is 3月1日. Applications may still be accepted after that deadline depending on space, and staff 他们会尽最大的努力来满足人们的偏好吗.

房屋设施: If 的re are accommodation requests, such as a medical need for a single or emotional support animal, students should also try to renew or confirm 的ir accommodations 尽快. After 住房 assignments are made, accommodations 不能保证.

住房分配: Returner Room Self-Selection will take place March 25-29, and that is when students 有了合同,他们就会来选择自己的空间. 提交一份 住房 Contract will be sent specific instructions to 的ir Webster email on when 以及如何来选择他们的空间. 无法前来挑选的学生 的ir specific room will be given options for a proxy, or to have 住房 Staff assign 他们根据房间选择之夜结束时的开放空间.



Summer housing applications for active Webster students open over Spring Break each 一年. Priority deadline for Summer housing applications is April 20, but applications 如果空间允许的话,以后是否可以滚动接受. 夏季申请 covers 的 Summer term when classes are in session (五月 27–July 26), signing up for Bridge 1 (from 的 end of 的 Spring 2024 semester to 的 beginning of 的 summer term) and signing up for Bridge 2 (from 的 end of 的 summer term to 的 beginning (2024年秋季学期).



住在校园里给大学经历增添了价值. 国家研究表明 that students who live on 校园 do better academically, are more engaged and have 更平稳的过渡. 正因为如此,新萄京正规网站有一个 两年居住要求. Even if a student is not required to live on 校园, we encourage 的m to do so ——很多人确实如此!

所有的大一新生 在圣。. 路易斯主校区要求他们第一次住在校园里 在大学里待了两年. 新生可以例外 living with 的ir parents within a 35-mile radius of 的 main 校园 in Webster Groves.

本科国际转校生 are required to live on 校园 for 的ir first 一年 enrolled in classes at 的 main 校园.

此外, 所有出国留学学生(本科生和研究生) 在圣. 路易斯地铁校区需要居住 on-校园 housing for 的 duration of 的ir 出国留学 experience. 全部站点转移 students are required to reside on 校园 for 的ir first 一年 enrolled at 的 Webster 园校区.




St. 路易斯,密苏里州63119
电话: 314 - 246家(4663) |传真: 314-246-4664 | housing@syydmp.com



新蒲萄京网站 has several on-校园 dining location options that are part of 的 膳食计划 (住在学生宿舍需要). 此外,学生可以购买 Gorlok雄鹿 可以在校内外使用.





Students who live on 校园 have easy access to 的 大学图书馆 for research 或者参加学习小组.



Living on 校园 means convenient access to 的 职业服务 Offices for help planning 为了毕业后的成功.

Round tables and chairs in 的 Reeg学术资源中心's writing center


The Center provides academic resources, support, advocacy and access through relationships 赋予学生权力.

学生辅导与人生发展 staff standing in a group in front of couseling center


The 学生辅导与人生发展 staff are available to help with personal 可能会妨碍你成功的问题.

Student clinic waiting room with chairs, reception window, hand sanitizer dispenser


Nearby 学生健康服务, a nurse-directed clinic staffed by a registered nurse (RN), is also open on weekdays for minor illness and injuries, and assistance with 根据需要转诊医生.



First-一年 student success is supported through resources, services and programs, including Orientation, Webster 101, Learning Communities and Peer Mentors.

students form a large blue W with yellow outline on lawn, Gorlok mascot in front


students form a large blue W with yellow outline on lawn, Gorlok mascot in front

Check out our 学生生活 page and find out what’s going on in and around 校园. Join a club; attend an event; see a film; play a sport or show up for a game; meet 志趣相投的同学.

Getting involved on 校园 can help forge lifelong friendships, create unique experiences 甚至还能帮你打造一份出色的简历. 每个新萄京正规网站校区都是一个独特的反映 当地的社区和文化.